Stress Free Web Hosting™ operates an array of dedicated full-time web hosting servers on one of the most reliable networks in North America. That means that our web hosting services are professional and of course reliable, which gives you confidence that your website will be running 24/7 with little to no downtime. We understand that a short amount of downtime can be damaging for an online company in terms of dollars lost and we strive to keep your website constantly available to all of your customers. That being said, choosing a proper web hosting company is a crucial decision for the future of your online business.

Why can’t I host my own website?

Well, the short answer is you can. The question you want to be asking is “Why shouldn’t I host my own website”. A home Internet broadband connection can usually host a website depending on the size. Some internet service providers try to block these home servers however. It’s also very unlikely that your home computer was built to run 24/7, 365 days a year without maintenance or damage due to overheating. It will be more expensive to replace your computer every year than to pay an annual hosting fee for a reliable service. You also don’t have to worry about paying extra in internet bills, or running out of space on your computer as your website grows.

What makes a “good” hosting company?

A good hosting company will have been in business, offering hosting, for more than 5 years. This proves that clients hosting their websites and email with them are satisfied enough to stay there.™ has been in business for over 15 years! We are one of the best hosting services in London, Ontario because we work hard to ensure our customers are receiving secure hosting with minimal downtime. We want our customer’s websites to be up for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. We also offer superior customer service with real Microsoft certified solution developers answering our phones!

Why do I need Web Hosting?

For your website to be available to the World Wide Web, it must be stored on a server that can be accessed 24/7 by the Internet. If your website is not available for people to see, it’s like having an “Open” sign on your store with the door locked! Web hosting in London Ontario is necessary to keep your website available to internet users . For an annual fee,™ will host your website allowing you to concentrate on your business. We deliver superior hosting through trusted servers experiencing minimal downtime. We also host e-mail applications for companies who wish to have their own email addresses.

What should I look for what choosing a company to host my website?

When looking for web hosting in London Ontario, you have the choice between a company that supplies only hosting and specialises in mass hosting, or you may choose to go with an IT company that has hosting as one of their added services. If you have a company design your website, we recommend also having them host your website. Sometimes it is difficult for the average website owner to know if a problem is arising from a technical error with the hosting server or programming error on the website. A web design company will reduce the number of people you have to call if something isn’t working properly on your site. Another thing companies like™ offer is email hosting, database hosting and multimedia hosting. If you need any other these things, it’s best to keep all your hosting with one company.

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